Bulk Metal Collection

Cranberry Township holds a bulk metal collection three times per year, in April, July and October, at the Township Building. Watch the local newspaper for specific dates.


Cranberry Township offers recycling to Cranberry Township residents. You can recycle your food containers (tin, glass, & plastic) and paper (newspapers, corrugated cardboard, and magazines) in the dumpsters located beside the Municipal Building located at 3726 State Route 257, Seneca, PA. The food container dumpsters get emptied on an as needed basis and the paper dumpsters get emptied every week. We ask that you do not leave your recyclables if the containers are full. This causes our Township to look poorly to our out of town visitors. Keeping our Township clean is important to all of us.

Garbage Pickup

Cranberry Township does not offer garbage pickup. We ask that you check with a neighbor to see who collects their garbage then contact the individual collector of your choice.

Water and Sewer

Public water and sewer are available in certain areas within the Township. Please contact the Township at 676-8812 if you have questions.

Water Quality Report – 2014

Water Quality Report – 2016